Alice Variants

VR Parton's Alice Chess is a classic abstract strategy board game, one with a very unique twist. It's played on 2 adjacent boards, and pieces, when they start a move on one board, must involuntarily transfer to the other board, into the corresponding square they stopped on, which must be empty, or the move cannot be made.

Definition: Parton Destination - the cell on an adjacent board upon which a piece making a move must end its move. The moving piece thus makes a full, normal, legal move on its starting board, and must then shift one board 'sideways' to the corresponding cell on an adjacent board, which is its final, or Parton, destination cell. Various conditions may be applied to the Parton Destination which, if not met, will prevent its use and thus prevent the move. For example in Alice Chess the Parton destination cell must be empty at the beginning of the move.

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