Battle of the 6 Armies

Notes on board and piece construction


The rules for playing this game, Battle of the Six Armies (B6A), along
with some suggested variants, may be found here

This article details how I made my own B6A set.


The approach used in making my own B6A set borrows heavily from my experiences when wargaming using 2mm models.

My wargaming in 2mm scale is described in more detail at my Wargames website here

The Materials

cm-ref500.png The materials used in making the board and pieces are shown in the image on the left.

A: Magnetic A4 paper suitable for use with an inkjet printer.
B:A4 white card suitable for use with an inkjet printer.
C:White A4 Foam Board.
D:Self-adhesive A4 magneticsheets.
E:A4 coloured card suitable for use with an inkjet printer.
F: Self-adhesive magnetic card to provide bases for the piece-stands (optional).
G: Plastic stands to hold the pieces (printed on card).

Although not to scale the image directly above shows how the materials were put
together to form the board and the pieces.

The base of the board was formed by attaching a self-adhesive magnetic
sheet to each of the six foam boards.

These now magnetic boards formed a light but stable base on which to
place the inkjet printed magnetic board design.

The pieces for each army were printed from a template onto, and then
cut from, coloured cards. These card cut-outs were then fitted
into the plastic stands of a matching colour. These pieces may
then be completed by the addition of a magnetic card base to the
underside of each stand. The use of magnetic bases is optional but they do
give a stability to the pieces when placed on the board. without adding a great deal to their
weight. See below for images of the template, some individual
pieces, and of the board and pieces arrayed for the start of a game.

pieces-450x312.png boardfromabove-338x450.png

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