CaM: A Tale of Two Countries

A Tale of Two Countries Introductory Scenario for Command and Maneuver

Have one of your units in an enemy home city at the beginning of your turn, or reduce your opponent's total leader activation value below 8.

All basic rules are used.

Each player gets 8 action points to apportion as desired, except on Turn 1, where the first player only gets 4 action points.

At Start:
Each player deploys
4 Leaders*, 1 in each home city
14 Infantry,
6 Skirmishers,
6 Cannon,
6 Cavalry, all directly adjacent to a home city.
At the end of deployment, each player will have 36 pieces in or "touching" their friendly cities.
*Choose among these values: (7,3,3,3) (5,5,3,3) (4,4,4,4) or any other combination of 4 leaders totaling 16 activation points.

Turn 13 start:
Each player deploys
1 Inf, 1 Skr, 1 Can, & 1 Cav, in empty home cities;
2 Leaders, totalling 8, in the empty square directly behind any 2 friendly cities.
These pieces' entries may be delayed 1 or more turns until a deployment square becomes empty, or for any or no reason.
Choose among these values: (7,1) (6,2) (5,3) or (4,4).

Turns 25 & 37 start:
1 Inf, 1 Skr, 1 Can, & 1 Cav, in empty home cities.

Each player gets 1 unit back for every 4 casualties of that unit type.
The first three casualties are placed in the killed box, and the 4th is returned to the owning player, to come on board 2 (or more) turns after it becomes available, in any empty home city.

Map squares legend: green - forest; brown - mountains; red crosshatch - red home city; red - alternate set up locations for red home city; blue crosshatch - blue home city; blue - alternate set up locations for blue home city.


Alternate city set-up:
Home cities may be set up in any one of the 4 squares indicated for each potential city location, with the following limitation. Each city must be in a different relative position in its own 2x2 potential set-up area. So if one city is in the upper left corner of its 2x2 set-up area, no other friendly city can be put in the upper left corner square of its setup area.

Campaign Game Set-Up:

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