Corps Chess

This is a Chieftain/Chesimals variant. It uses the basic chesimals rules, with an infinite command control range for the leaders. Basically, as long as you have a leader still on the board, you may move all the pieces of that leader's color in a turn.

The game is played in turns, first "White" moving, then "Black".

A player may move all the pieces of any one color in a turn, as long as the leader of that color is still on the board.

There is no promotion, castling, en passant or any other special moves in the game.

The game is won by capturing all your opponent's leaders.

Chief wchampion.gif
All leaders may move 2 squares, sliding 1 square in any direction, and then, if desired, sliding one more square, again in any direction, except back to the first square.

Knight bknight.gif
The royal guard unit. It moves as a standard western knight, one square orthogonally and then one square diagonally outwards; it leaps exactly 2 squares, landing on a square of different color than it started on.

Warmachine owarmachine.gif
The warmachine is an exclusive [see DHowe's Taxonomy] combination of dabbabah and wazir. It may step 1 square orthogonally, or leap 2 squares orthogonally.

Elephant yelephant.gif
The elephant is an exclusive combination of alfil and ferz. It steps one, or leaps two, squares diagonally.

Guard grguard.gif
The guard steps 1 square in any direction, exactly like the king in chess.

The beta preset is here:

Corps Chess II


The command radius for a leader is 2, but command control may be relayed through members of the same corps [same color.] As long as a piece can trace a chain of same-color pieces no more than 2 squares apart [1 empty square between them] back to the leader unit, that piece is in command control.

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