Board Image Utility


This utility will produce images of chess variant playing boards and game positions.
Currently boards with hexagonal cells and a shape derived from a regular hexagon, or with square cells and a shape derived from a rectangle, are available.

The utility is written in PHP5 and will form part of my planned eXtensible System for Chess Variants (xscv).

Available Board Shapes

Regular Hexagon Based Rectangular Based Equilateral Triangle Based


Shafran's Hexagonal Chess McCooey's Hexagonal Chess
Brusky's Hexagonal Chess Peanut Chess
Images and Arrows Herichess


  • 15-Jul-2007
          • Cells can be individually colored (currently only rectangular based/square cells)
            see Herichess example
  • 14-Jul-2007
            • Suppport for rectangular boards with square cells added
  • 13-Jul-2007
          • Added arrows - see example Images and Arrows
  • 10-Jul-2007
          • Can now use gif and jpg formats in addition to png
          • Added ability to include external images. Currently only works with png format.

Planned Features

# Support rectangular boards with square cells (see comments)
# Support circular boards
# Support triangular cells
# Allow export/import of parameters as text files
# Allow cells to be individually coloured (Partially implemented)
# Support transparent background

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