This is an attempt to fix the broken variant GoChess.

By JohnSmithCV

Setup and Pieces

Same as GoChess. Each player gets 180 Wazirs and 180 Ferzes.


White and Black alternate dropping pieces or passing, White first. Pieces do not move.

Each player may spend their Wazirs or Ferzes on the pieces with respective cost, but they are automatically combined before dropping, taking one turn to prepare for each Wazir or Ferz added.

Pieces in the movement path of 4 pieces with the same movement are captured and recycled into their component Wazirs or Ferzes for the captured player, unless 1 or more of these are friendly pieces, in which case they connect and act as 1 piece for being captured. Pieces cannot be dropped where they would be captured, except if they could avoid capture by capturing themselves.

Moves may not be repeated.

The game ends if both players pass, with the player with more territory occupied and surrounded winning.

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