Named Games
Game\Player Charles Carlos George Donut Joe Graeme Jeju Juan
Wormhole chess n v
Hole chess n
Falcon chess n v
Atlantean Barroom Shatranj n v
Grand Shatranj D n
Lemurian Shatranj n
Bachelor Chess v n
Switching Chess n
Hostage Chess v n
Rococo v n v v
Altair n
Jacks & Witches n v
Wuss II n
Racing Kings v n
Eight Stone v n
Circular Chess
with Crooked Bishops & Queen
v n
Modern Courier Chess n
Save the Standard 13x13 v v n v
Roller Ball n
Hammer Chess v n
Korean Chess n
Birds and Ninjas n
Stealth Ninja Chess n
Titan Chess n v v

n - named by
v - vetoed by

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