Pieces With Unusual Effects

I want to develop some variants that have pieces with unusual effects on other pieces. Here are a couple of experimental attempts with pieces from ultima / roccoco and other variants:

I. Rapacious

Monkey is coordinator + long leaper. Upside down knights are warp points from Warp Point Chess. Shield is Mamra from Mamra Chess. Upside down queen is Cleopatra from Cleopatra Chess. Ox-ram is Pushmepullyu, advancer + withdrawer. Spider is an immobilizer that can capture by replacement its immobilized prey after two turns spent immobilizing. Any piece can be captured. If a warp point is captured, it must act through the king.

II. Oxram Chess Rams are advancers. Oxen withdrawers. Oxram a pushmepullyu.

In both cases, especially the first, the Chameleon serves a very important defensive purpose because without the chameleons some of the stronger pieces would be too strong.

Experimental variants. Any ideas welcome. Please playtest with me.

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