Shield Chess


This game is a way for players of different levels to play at equal footing.


The new element in this game is the shield, which prevent a piece from being captured.

  1. A shield can be used on any piece, including the king.
  2. A shield only last specific number of turns.
  3. If a piece is attacked and it has a shield, the shield is removed, regardless how many turns the shield has left. The attacking piece then returns to the square where it launched the attack.
  4. If a shield's turn is up, it is removed, regardless of danger.
  5. A shield can be deployed any time.
  6. Shield deployment takes a turn.
  7. Once removed the shield disappears from the game.

Shield points

Each player has a number of shield points, which depends on the level of the player, with the weaker player getting more points. A shield lasting n turns costs n shield points.

Balanced Shield Chess

For balanced play between players of equal strength, give black one shield points, and none for white. One shield point may seem like very little, but if used on the king at the right time, it will make it somewhat harder for white to mate black then black to mate white. Essentially giving black a turn boost in mating races.

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