The Games Garage

Welcome to the Games Garage. If you've got a variant that sputters, needs a tune-up, has broken down or just won't run at all, here's the place for it. Repairs are not guaranteed to be timely, or even guaranteed at all, but you can't beat the price!

the Rules

1] Joe makes the rules, but also abides by them when made.

2] Respect everyone here.

3] Enjoy what you do.

4] Other rules will be made as needed.


other positions open - apply here by adding your name to this list.

Ads and Calendars

Rylands Motors
Deep Blue Paints
variant speed transmissions

* with apologies

Prop: Joe [for now]
Mech: John
Est: March 28, 2008

Repair Shop

Crash and Burn Section

Bay 1: SpaceWar

Bay 2: goChess

Bay 3: Chess on Two Boards

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